7 Tips for Maintaining Your Human Hair Wig's Beautiful Tresses

Let's delve into the realm of preventing tangles, specifically for your Salonready human hair wigs. Prevention is key, and with proper care, you can ensure that your wig enjoys a long and beautiful lifespan, reaching its full potential. Here are seven essential tips:

Post-Wear Brushing:

Combat unwanted tangles by gently brushing your wig after each use. Similar to caring for natural hair, soft brushing and combing help detangle and eliminate knots. Explore our collection of brushes available for purchase online.

Stylish Storage on a Stand:

When your wig is not in use, store it on a stand to maintain its shape. Whether you're switching styles or heading to bed, avoid tossing it onto surfaces. Properly letting the strands rest is crucial for preventing tangling.

Italy Curly Wear & Go Pre Cut 6x4 Lace Natural Pre-plucked Alopecia Wig
No Sleepovers for Your Wig:

Never sleep with your wig on, as it can cause unnecessary damage. For a soft and cozy alternative, explore our range of specialist caps designed for sleeping comfort. We highly recommend incorporating one into your nighttime routine.

Wear & Go 6x4 HD Lace Loose Deep Glueless Wig | Pre-bleached Knots
Wash with Care:

Proper washing is paramount for wig maintenance. Clean your wig once a week using the recommended products. Refer to our detailed Wig Maintenance and Care Guide for step-by-step instructions. You can also find helpful information in our informative video.

Wear & Go 6x4 HD Lace Closure Body Wave Bob Glueless Wig | Pre-bleached Knots
Double the Product, Double the Care:

Due to the wig's lack of natural blood supply, it tends to be drier than naturally growing hair. Increase product usage to at least double what you would apply to your natural hair. Consider adding a few daily drops of serum to keep your wig nourished.

Wear & Go 13x4 Pre Cut HD Lace Italy Curl Glueless Wig | Pre-bleached Knots
Limit Heat Exposure:

Preserve your wig's health by minimizing heat styling. Use heat on a lower setting and limit styling to once a week after washing. Morning touch-ups can be done without turning on hot tools, ensuring your wig stays in optimal condition.

M-Cap 9x6 HD Lace Wear Go Pre Bleached Tiny Knots Water Wave Bob Wig | SalonReady
Handle with Gentleness:

Treat your wig with tender love and care, much like you would with natural hair. Striking the right balance in care prevents damage and ensures your wig remains beautiful for an extended period.

M-Cap 9x6 HD Lace Wear Go Pre Bleached Tiny Knots Kinky Curly Bob Wig | SalonReady
By following these seven tips, you can maintain the allure of your Salonready human hair wig, allowing it to shine with vibrancy and longevity.

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