Can I Swimming With my Wear & Go HD Glueless Lace Wig? YES!

Can I Swimming With my Wear & Go HD Glueless Lace Wig? YES!

Spring is in full swing and summer weather is just around the corner. Time to pull out all the best wig tips for hot weather, pool days, and summer!

Spending a sunny summer day by the pool sounds like a dream, but for wig-wearers, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Your mind starts racing with never-ending thoughts like:

"Can I go in the water with a wig on?"
"If I get wet, will the lace on my wig be ruined?
"What's the best wig to wear by the pool?"
"Maybe I won't wear a wig, but what will people think..."
Whoa whoa whoa...before you start thinking nervously, let's break down the best tips for swimming in your real hair wig.


If you've purchased a high-quality human hair wig or hair accessory, swimming in chlorine or salt water can affect its integrity. Swimming once with your wig on probably won't damage your wig (especially if you didn't submerge your head in water). However, regular swimming will.

do not panic! Your wig or hair topper won't fall apart if you've splashed it in a little chlorinated water. But there are a few factors you should consider before choosing to wear expensive real hair accessories to the pool or beach.

Swimming Wig Care


Chlorine or salt water is very drying; it strips moisture from your hair. You should apply some moisturizing leave-in conditioner to your wig before swimming. This will act as a barrier so your pieces don't retain as much of the stripper as they would without.
Applying a UV-protective primer to your hair in addition to conditioner can help prevent breakage, discoloration, dry or brittle strands, split ends, thinning, or blistering. We Recommend Bumble and bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil
When attaching, be sure to use waterproof wig glue or tape for extra support. Ordinary adhesives will melt in water and cause the wig to shift.


Wearing your hair in a low ponytail or braid while in the water will help keep your hair from tangling as much as possible. This will help with aftercare.

After your swim day, you should take proper care of your wig. We recommend doing a moisturizing hair mask, ideally washing your hair before the salt water or chlorine has fully dried into your hair, followed by a conditioner.

Buy Used Wigs or Hair Accessories
Consider wearing an older human hair wig or hair hat for swimming, or invest in an affordable wig. If you have a piece of clothing that you wear every day, I highly recommend not swimming in it. You don't want to risk damaging your only wig.

A lightly frayed human hair wig from places like Resell Silk or Lace is a good option. You can get almost new pieces for a fraction of the cost!

All in all, wearing a wig in water is possible!
You just have to make sure you take precautions, take care of your creations afterwards, bring your confidence and most of all have fun. No more asking if I can swim in a wig, just jump right in!


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