Glueless Wear & Go Wig Vs. Glueless V Part Wig: Everything You Need Know

Glueless Wear & Go Wig Vs. Glueless V Part Wig: Everything You Need Know

Glueless human hair wigs are new trends in human hair market. They are beginner friendly no glue wigs that are super easy to wear on and take off, do not require glue or adhesives to stay attached to the head, do not damage natural hair, and give an incredibly realistic natural look.

Gluless wear & go wigs and glueless v part wigs are quite different on wig cap construction and install methods. In this article, we will share all of the details of wear & go glueless lace wig, v part glueless wig and the difference between them.

What Is Wear & Go Wig?

Wear & go glueless lace wig can also called 100% glueless lace wig. Lace area has been well sufficiently processed. You can wear it in 3 seconds and go, no skills needed, very beginner-friendly. pre cut lace, pre plucked natural hairline, it also can pre bleached knots.

Features Of SalonReadyWig Wear & Go Glueless Lace Wig

1. It has HD lace front and dome cap in the back.
2. Pre-cut HD lace front for most invisible hairline.
3. 3D Dome cap with wide elastic band to secure, adjustable for various head size.
4. No clips or combs, more comfortable to wear.
5. Thin wig cap breathable and secure even in summer day
6. HD lace melted with all skin color

Why Wear & Go Wig Is Glueless Lace Wig?

1. Well pre-cut and processed lace front, avoid the damage to the front lace if not be properly cut, beginner-friendly.
2. Pre-plucked natural hairline, no extra work needed.
3. Pre-bleached knots, most realistic and natural.
4. No glue, no gel needed to hold it down, no worries about allergic.
5. Dome cap with wide elastic band to help the wig sit securely on your head. It is secured from ear to ear, be free of any worries about your wig slipping off, it will stay put until you manually take it off yourself.

What Is A V Part Wig?

V part wigs are also known as v shape wigs because they have a v-shaped opening on the top, which you can conceal with your own hair. Through the v-shaped area at the top of the wig, you may blend with your own hair to create a natural hairline. The V part wig can leave out 99% to 100% less hair than a U part wig, so it is sort of an improvement to the U part wig.

Features Of V Part Wig

V Part Opening, No Lace, No Sew In.
Minimal Leave Out or no leave out needed.
No Wig Cap Needed To Install.
Clip In and blend perfectly with natural hairline.
Can be taken it off easily at night.
Protective style for natural hair.

Why V Part Wig Is Glueless Wig?

V part wig has no lace in front, no glue or other adhesive needed to put it on. No sew in, no cornrows, no leave out, very easy to wear and take off, beginner-friendly wig. You can put it on in minutes and all ready to go.

Products: SalonReadyWig V Part Wig collection

Wear & Go Wig Vs V Part Wig

Both are 100% glueless human hair wigs, no glue no gel needed to install, easy to wear and remove, zero skill needed, beginner-friendly.

Wear & go wigs are quite different from v part wigs in wig cap construction. Wear & go wig has hd lace front, dome cap in the back. Lace area has been well sufficiently processed, 100% glueless human hair wig. V part wig has no lace in front, it has a v-shape opening in the top, minimal or no leave out, no sew in, 100% glueless human hair wig.

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