How To Clean The Baby Hair Edge Stripes - Tutorial

How To Clean The Baby Hair Edge Stripes - Tutorial

As the new production with baby hair edge, you must enjoy thisproducts which is super great and friendly to the beginner, but i am sure you must get one question:

How to wash the baby hair edge stripes and how to take care of the baby hair edge stripes

To help you with your at-home baby hair edge stripes routine, SalonReady outlined some tips and ways to help you clean and care your baby hair edge stripes, From explaning how to wash your wig at home to revealing how to care it, we've got you covered.

Beauties. You may be surprised to know that there is a right and wrong way to refresh your tresses. So, to learn how to properly wash your baby hair edge stripes for gloriously good-looking locks, read on.

Following will be the steps with how to clean your baby hair edge stripes!!!

1. Put some conditioner into the boiling water with 3 minus

2. Use a catton swab to clean the glue on the lace

3. you can do it again and again until the glue all clean

4. put the baby hair edge strips into the clean conditioner water again.

you will get a clean baby hair edge stropes like a new products

super easy, quick, smart ways to all of you and beginner friendly also!!!

These lace baby hair edges stripes will fix the hairline problem of thinning lace wig or thining lace frontals and give it a new look, more natural. There's no knots showing! 

Get this same pretty baby hair edge stripes same with the video:

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