How To Identify The Human Hair and Synthetic Fiber?

How To Identify The Human Hair and Synthetic Fiber?

When you buy wigs, headwear or hair care products, what are you most worried about? As far as we know, our customers are most worried about "Is this a real human hair product?" And "If they mix it with some synthetic fiber, how do I know?".
Human hair products are expensive, so it is necessary to get some tips to ensure that your human hair products are not mixed with other fibers or synthetic fibers.

Here are some simple tips:
1. The heating temperature of human hair can be higher than that of mixed fiber or synthetic fiber. Test by ironing a piece of hair. The maximum temperature that synthetic fibers can withstand is about 120 ℃. But human hair can withstand almost 230 degrees Celsius. Unlike synthetic fibers, human hair should not have any chemical smell when heated.
2. Human hair and synthetic fiber burn differently. If you burn a piece of hair product, you can tell which one it is. Human hair will turn to ashes after burning, and will have the smell of feathers or barbecue. But if the product is mixed with any synthetic fiber, it will melt into a hard solid and have a strong chemical smell.
This is how you distinguish between human fibers and synthetic fibers.

So, when your hair products do not use dyes, no matter how many times you try, the color will not remain, what is the problem?
The reason is that some human hair products cannot be dyed effectively because the hair has been dyed before. This is especially true if you want to bleach it. Hair usually does not become brighter, nor is it damaged by the process of hair, so as to reach the current color. Therefore, if you want to dye your hair, we only recommend that you choose dark colors instead of light colors.
In addition, if there are multiple colors in your hair dye product, when you try to dye it into a solid color, the color may be different. Another reason why hair products may be difficult to dye correctly is that hair usually comes from different donors, and we all have different hair, so some hair is thinner and some hair is stronger. Therefore, it may take longer to dye the color you like. If you want to dye your hair with a specific color, we suggest you choose light gold, because light gold hair is easy to dye.
Finally, be sure to find a professional hairdresser to change the color of your hair. Also note that there are differences between hair dyeing and hair dyeing products, so it is better to be a professional hairdresser with hair dyeing experience.
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