How To Keep Your Body Wave Wavy Hairstyle

As one of the most popular hair types in the human hair - body wabe, the soft and natural waves create gorgeous hair. However, many buyers of body wave hair have a common problem: how to keep the body wave hair wavy? Today we are going to teach you some practical tips for keeping your hair curly.

What Is Body Wave Hair?

Speaking of the concept of body wave hair, it is a human hair type with a consistent large "S" shape and natural, loose hair. Plus, it has a natural shine and looks fluffy and stylish. No matter what the occasion, body wave braids always make for the best and most beautiful wearing experience.

Pros and cons of body wave hair

1. All body wave hair weaverings are made from 100% original human hair, usually original hair cut directly from the head of the same donor, treated in the same direction facing the original cuticle, ensuring no tangles, no shedding, and lasting a long time with proper maintenance.

2. Human Wavy Hair Braid boasts natural beach waves. Nowadays, many girls are trying to get that same beach wave with a few styling products. All it takes now is some wavy hair to get your style right for every occasion and keep you looking stylish and edgy.

3. Short wavy hair goes with everything. When you're tired of a wavy hairstyle, you can easily straighten the waves. Another benefit is that you can create luxurious curls in a snap of your fingers. Like Brazilian curls, the hair is very durable and can withstand the heat of an iron and curling iron. The best part is that if you get tired of the new look you've created, you just need to add a little shampoo and the wavy texture will come back, and better than ever.

4. Long life of body wave human hair bundle. One of the best features of body wave hair extensions is that they are easy to reuse. This is because the body wave seam is made from raw cuticle without any heating or curling process, so it retains the advantage of toughness.

Of course, you need to make sure you clean the body wave extensions properly to make sure they are clean and strong when installed. After all, grease and dirt can build up, making the track slippery and difficult to install. Remember, with persistence, patience, and proper care, you can have the long lasting curls you love.

5. Bundles of human hair and body waves are cheapest. Compared to other trendy human hairstyles, the body wavy braid extension is the most economical hairstyle you should buy. It is more wavy than straight hair, thus making the body wavy braided human hair more fashionable.

But it costs the same as straight human hair and is much cheaper than other textures of curly hair. The body wavy weave of Remy Centaur hair should be the right choice for those who want to buy the stylish style of human hair but also on a low budget.

6. Human hair bundles don't need extra care.

But many people often complain that they can't keep their hair wavy or frizzy after washing it. In fact, almost everyone has the same question about the characteristics of hair. Now we will show you how to keep your body wavy or curly hair.

How to keep body wave hair?

Some women do not want to wash popular wavy human hair because they fear it will become straight. But this is actually a false concept. Only keep the body wave braiding clean, can make the body wave hair extension in good health. Now follow these steps to keep your hair curly.

1. Dry your hair without a high-powered hair dryer

After washing your Peruvian hair bundle, gently dry it with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Remember, don't blow dry your hair rudely, as the cuticles are left open after washing and can easily damage your hair when you blow dry it rudely. Then let the hair air dry until no water drops fall. When your hair is 80% dry, it's best to add some conditioning oil to your body and wavy braid Remy hair.

2. Comb your hair from top to bottom

In the process of applying the oil to your Brazilian curls, gently brush your hair from top to bottom with your fingers. You don't need too much hair oil, just apply the right amount evenly to your head and body. You can also use your hands to curl your hair evenly while applying it.

3. Style your hair with curling cream

The next step is to make a wave pattern. You should have a good quality mousse in advance, which is very useful for styling hair. Then spread the mousse evenly over your body, curling your hair into a wavy shape while curling your hair into a curved shape. At the same time, don't apply too much mousse, as it attracts dust easily.

4. Let your hair dry completely in the air

If possible, you are better off letting the Malaysian body wave hair bundle dry completely in the air than blowing the hair loose with the wind. Or you can use a curling or curling hair dryer to dry and set the curls nicely.

5. Use conditioner regularly for deep hair

To avoid tangles and shedding, you can try to deep condition your hair every two weeks, which will provide nutrients to keep it in good condition and keep it from feeling dry easily.

While wavy hair and wigs look natural and stylish, you need to follow the tips mentioned above to keep your wig wavy. We want you to do your best to give your curly wig a new look by keeping it that way in these 5 ways.

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