How To Put On A Fake Scalp Top Wig With Bangs | Super Easy Tutorial

How To Put On A Fake Scalp Top Wig With Bangs

If you are fascinated by the gorgeous hairstyles of your favorite celebrities, they are likely to be wigs. Honestly, this makes sense, because how can they often change their appearance when taking photos or activities without highlighting their natural hair, You know what, You can also join in the fun. Whether you want to change the new look or look for a new protective style, there are many options to try different looks of wigs. Do you want to wear a banged wig,  Banged wigs are used to express creativity, improve equipment, and let you experience banged style with zero commitment.
Why do I wear a banged wig.
How to wear a banged wig
Take care of your banged wig and make it more durable.

Introduce this wig for you

Fluffy Short Curly Human Hair Wig With Bangs Bouncy Curly BOB Wig Machine Made With Fake Scalp Top | Salon Ready

Reasons You Need Try A Scalp Top Wig?
1.No Need To Cut The Lace & Beginner Friendly
2.Realistic Scalp Top Look
3.No Glue Needed
4.No Edge Needed
5.6.Put on & Go, Wear & Go With Few Minus Only

Reasons You Must Need-A Short Water Curly Bang Machine Made Bob Wig ??

1.Glueless, Zero Skills Install, Throw On & Go
2.150% Density, Full & Light & Airy
3.Soft & Smooth, Very Manageable
4.Low Maintenance,?Beginner Friendly
5.Most Affordable Fullness Curly Wig
6.Natural & Bouncy, Gorgeous-Look
7.Perfect Length & Curl for The Hot Summer

Why Should We Get a Wig With Bangs

This is a good choice. Here are some reasons why bangs are so popular:
✿ banged wigs will never go out of style. There are various types of banged wigs, such as head band wigs with bangs, high gloss wigs with bangs, human hair wigs with bangs and wave wigs with bangs. Choose your favorite bangs wig to make you look fashionable and charming.
✿ they flatten all the faces. Whether you have an oval face or a long face, you can be sure that bangs are suitable for you. As long as you choose different styles of bangs, such as side sweep, A-type bangs or wavy bangs, you can find the perfect style.
✿ bangs are definitely a new image of youth. No matter how old you are, a banged wig is a very interesting change.
✿ wearing a wig with bangs will easily hide the hairline of the wig. The hairline of wigs is usually difficult to hide, especially for people who are new to wigs. Because it is very time-consuming to mix the front of the wig with the skin using cosmetics and glue, wearing a banged wig can save a lot of time because you don't have to worry about the appearance of hairline.
✿ banged wigs do not require a lot of maintenance, and can be worn at any time, almost without fuss.

How to wear / install a bang wig
Well, before you get used to wearing wigs and taking selfies, you must learn how to wear wigs. Unfortunately, it's not easy to take the wig out of the box and put it on your head. Here are a few steps to make sure the best wig looks as natural as possible.

Relax your wig with bangs
Wigs may have been shipped in boxes, which means they may have been packed, stored and left in transit for some time. Take out the wigs with bangs and remember to shake them well to rejuvenate them. This method is to loosen the fibers and separate the hair. This also allows air to circulate through the wig.
Protect your natural hair
The next step is to protect your natural hair and make your wig look natural. To achieve a seamless transition, tie your hair into a ponytail and use spray or gel to tame irregular hair. A wig lining, hairpin or wig cap can be used to fix natural hair.

Wear a wig with bangs
When wearing a wig, hold the wig with both hands and tilt your head forward. First wear a wig from the front, then wear a wig from the back.
Adjust the wig with bangs
After wearing the wig, the next step is to adjust it. First, adjust the wig from the eyebrows to the hairline. Next, I put on my wig like a shower cap. Make sure it is placed correctly, and then adjust it to the correct position. The comb of the wig cap and the elastic band fix the banged wig. To adjust the bangs on the wig, you can use flat iron to straighten the bangs, and then shape them to the appearance you choose.
Design a wig with bangs
It is also important to customize the wig according to your face shape. Try various styles by trimming the bangs of the wig. You can choose small bangs, curly bangs, wavy bangs or blunt bangs. Banged wigs are widely used, from fashionable elf hairstyles, straight head wigs, curly wigs to banged human hair.

Take care of your bang wig and make it more durable
Here are some tips on how to maintain your bangs wig, which can provide more bangs for your money.

Tip 1: use special shampoo and conditioner to clean the wig. Soak the wig in shampoo and water, and then comb the shampoo or conditioner out of the wig with a wig comb. Then rinse with warm water. Comb the wig, tilt the hair, and then let the hair dry.
Tip 2: when not in use, hang the wig vertically on the manikin or hook. Don't forget to cover it to avoid dust.
Tip 3: don't use too much hair glue on wigs, as it may become greasy and difficult to manage.
Tip 4: don't take a shower or sleep with a wig. You don't want everything to be entangled and full of closure.


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