How To Use A Curling Wand On A Straight Wig or Straight Bundles | Easiest Tutorial

How To Use A Curling Wand On A Straight Wig or Straight Bundles | Easiest Tutorial

Let's go over how to use a curling wand on a straight wig. When I usually curl my hair on the wig, the curl will last for several days, so I must use these techniques mentioned above to get fluffy curl.


Before you start curling your hair, it is important to start using freshly washed and conditioned hair. If your hair has not been washed, you will pile up with time. This accumulation will make your hair difficult to curl and will make it heavier. You want to curl your touring hair on a clean slate.

Tools You’ll Need

Let's focus on how to get these beautiful curls. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have an anti-static carbon comb at hand. Carbon comb can help you comb your hair and straighten it before curling.
The curler I am using is about 1 inch thick. So just remember, if you want tighter curls, you should use a wand with smaller diameter. If you want larger curls, you must use a larger wand. Many different curling sticks usually have a switch button, but if your curling stick has a temperature, try not to exceed 350 degrees during curling. You don't want to damage your hair by adding too much heat. In addition, when you curl your hair into small pieces, it is helpful to use a clip to erect and block your hair.

When you start curling your hair, it is also a good idea to spray each row of hair gently. You can set the curling position with a hand-held spray. But you want to do it light, because you don't want your hair to harden. You still want your hair to be elastic and curly.

Technique to Use

So the first thing you need to do is remember to wear the gloves on the other hand of your curler. You don't want to burn your fingers with the wand, because you have to keep the end of your hair very close to touch the wand. So, remember safety first!! Now you should comb out the small to medium-sized parts with a comb. Remember to use the clip to cut off the extra hair.
First of all, you want the wand to be as close as possible to the root of the part of hair you want to curl.

Now, before you start to wind your hair around the wand, you need to twist a section of your hair in one direction. When you twist your hair around the wand, continue to twist it. You can see how I wrap and twist my hair in the above video. When you reach the end of your hair bundle, you want your hair to be as close to the wand as possible. At the same time, put the end of the wand as close as possible to the wand, so that you can curl to the end.

Once the hair curls on the wand, keep it curled for at least 10-15 segments. After releasing the curly hair, place the curly hair in the palm of your hand for another 10-15 seconds. This extra step can help your curls more firm.

Curling your wig

Now, if you are curling your wig, I suggest you separate your hair around the hairline of the wig. If it is a pre-lace wig or a closed or full-lace wig, once you stick lace around the hairline, it is easier to produce baby hair. I also suggest that you put your wig on the wig rack at night, or curl your hair into small to medium parts with a hairpin at night, which can make your hair curl for several days.
Therefore, if you follow these tips and watch the video above, you will be able to create beautiful fluffy curly hair at home, which will continue.

I hope these tips help!

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