How to Use Salonready Wig's Bundles

When using Salonready Wig's hair bundles, you'll embark on an unparalleled hairstyling experience. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality wigs that radiate confidence and beauty in every moment.

  1. Choose the Right Style: Select a bundle that suits your style from our diverse range. Whether it's straight or curly, we offer various options to meet your different fashion needs.


  2. Confirm Your Head Size: Use our provided measurement guide to ensure your head size for a perfect fit, ensuring comfort and ease with your Salonready Wig Bundle.


  3. Receive Your Salonready Wig Bundle: Our craftsmen handcraft each bundle to ensure the highest quality. When you receive your package, get ready for a marvelous transformation.


  4. Unbox Inspection: Open the package and carefully inspect your bundle. We guarantee that each strand is made from 100% real human hair for the most natural appearance and feel.

  5. Try On and Adjust: Gently place the bundle on your head and adjust it to the optimal position. Our styles and sizes are designed to accommodate various head shapes.

  6. Regular Maintenance: Use a soft brush to gently comb the hair, and regularly use suitable wig care products to maintain the shine and smoothness of your bundle.

Share Your Beautiful Moments:

We look forward to you sharing your wonderful moments using Salonready Wig on social media. By posting videos on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, with the #SalonreadyWigFeedback tag, you have the chance to receive a $10 feedback reward, up to $50-200. You not only showcase your beauty but also become a star in our community.

Choose Salonready Wig's Bundles to bring more confidence and charm to your everyday life. Thank you for choosing us, and we look forward to creating beautiful moments together!

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