How To Wear A Wig In A High Ponytail Look? SalonReady Wig

How To Wear A Wig In A High Ponytail Look?

Lace wigs are some of the best wigs you can find on the market. They look elegant and give a natural feel. They are also durable. Every girl wants a ponytail at some point. But what would you do if you were wearing a lace wig?

Don't worry, even if you're wearing a lace front wing, you can still wear a ponytail. But first, let's understand what a lacy front wig is before we can really explore how to make a high ponytail out of a lacy front wig.

What is a lace front wig?

The front lace wig has lace on the front part of the wig, where the hairline is. These wigs are very popular because they provide the wearer with a more natural hairline. They look as if the front hair is your hair, as the hand tied and parted hair and clear lace blend in with your skin.

Of course, when you're new to wearing wigs, you may find that wearing a ponytail while wearing any type of wig can be a very busy undertaking. This is because wearing a ponytail on your natural hair is not the same as wearing a wig and wearing a ponytail. It can be challenging at first, but these incredible tips can help you get the best ponytail on your lacy front wig.


How To Wear A Lace Front Wig In A High Ponytail?

Density of wig
The density of your wig will affect how well you pull out your ponytail. If you want to make a perfect wig ponytail, then you should wear a low-density wig. Light density wigs are light, which means they weigh less and therefore can be attached to the ponytail. On the other hand, a heavier density of lace front may be difficult to pull into a ponytail and hold securely.
Wear a wig hat
Finding the right wig and hairstyle for you can take a lot of effort. In most cases, a wig cap will affect your hairstyle. Making a high ponytail is fairly easy if the wig cap fits, as a lace front wig is more secure with a fitting wig cap. If you want to secure the ponytail, you can staple the wig to the hat.

Don't break the power of the wig strap
Wig grips are a perfect tool to help you hold your wig or braid your hair in place. This is especially important when you're putting a wig in a ponytail, as it often slips back. The wig grip is a velvet headband. It can be sewn into the back of your wig.

Wig straps can be wrapped around the back of your hair to help keep your wig secure in one place while, at the same time, keeping it snug and not slipping or slipping. This, of course, makes the wig strap a must-have for anyone looking to create a wig ponytail.

Combine your natural hair with your wig hair together
It's a little secret that only a few people know about. Use a small section of hair to make your wig look more natural. But, this only works if your hair is the same color as your wig.

To do this, put a wig band over your natural hair. Then use the end of a rat-tail comb to pull the edges of your natural hair out from behind your wig. You should do it gently. This step will make your hair look messy, but never fear. You're going to love the end result. And then you put on your lace wig. You'll see your natural hair pop out under your wig. Pull your hair back and put it in a ponytail.
Points to Remember When Making a Ponytail With Your Lace Front Wig
A high ponytail can take a little more time, as it usually needs to be held tightly between the top of your head and your natural hairline.

It's best to wear a fitting hat under your lacy front wig to better secure your ponytail. This will also help prevent slips and slides.

You can use fake hairspray on your forehead to help hold the wig in place, as well as keep the ponytail safe.

Trim any excess lace, including around the ears and forehead. This will help make the lace look neat.

Try blending your wig with your skin tone

Spray some hairspray onto your ponytail to secure it and add some shine.

Following are some wigs highly recommend to be a ponytail look!



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