Inspo: Halloween Hairstyles with SalonReady Wig

Inspo: Halloween Hairstyles with SalonReady Wig

Halloween is just around the corner and you're wondering what to wear. Or maybe you already have your costume and you just need to finish the look. Whatever difficulties you may be having with your Halloween hair, we have the perfect list of inspirations to help you create your hairstyle. Besides, no one wants to dye, cut or completely change their hair for just one day or one night, so A hair wigs are indeed the answer.

Also, did we mention that shipping is free recently? (Orders over $50). We're here to support you and make sure your Halloween fun isn't too different this year, and we can still play dress-up! Whether you go all out or have some friendly, insta-wow pictures for your grid, then these look like enough!

All the images used in this article feature SalonReady Wig for your color, tailoring and styling inspiration.

Halloween Highlights

The easy way is to create a contrasting look with your colorful hair. Channel your inner Cruella de Vil and add in ice blonde hair extensions to jet black hair (or vice versa) or alternatively, you can also use the other coloured add a bold colour to your hair to complete your look. Choose a mystical colour to your hair to compliment your mermaid or unicorn make up for a touch of magic.

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Halloween Coloured Hair


What better excuse to go all out with your hair colour than Halloween? From fiery Little Mermaid-esque rand spooky pastel hues and haunting silver shades for ghost-inspired looks. Coloured hair  offer a completely risk-free transformation, where you can just wear them off once the fun is over. Our coloured hair extensions are also made from 100% human hair so you can wash, curl, braid and style as you please.

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Go Dark with Black For Halloween

Go dark for Halloween this year and channel your inner witch, vampire or just enjoy the gothic vibes of jet-black hair. Nothing says Halloween like good old-fashioned black hair. All you need to get your witch approved look is to opt for long dark hair, and a creepy black fringe to go with your pointy witch hat, you’ll look like part of a witch clan in no time. Or perhaps go for all black locks and add some statement jewellery to really stand out.

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How are you dressing up for Halloween this year? Let us know, and  don't forget to hashtag #salonreadywig on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 



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