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So I ordered my first glueless lace wig this week!! I'll have it in a few days. I'd like to get on with preparing my blog post (I'm a bit bored), so here's the information:

my first wig salon ready wig HD glueless lace wig

This is a weargo glueless lace wig designed by SalonReadyWig. Style: 6x4 HD glueless lace closure water wave wig. I got it at 4.20. Now I know you're probably thinking, is that real glueless. trust me, it is! I ordered this wig from The seller was someone I subscribed to on youtube, and she made a video. I thought it was cute, and since the price was right, I decided to buy it as my first wig.

Here’s the link to her video:

Here’s the link to their store:

And now here is what I look like installing the wig and my honest reviews:

my first glueless lace wig

Since this is my first wig, I won't be able to base my judgment on much. I wore it out last night and will wear it again tonight. It's very comfortable. It has a soft dome cap. my scalp feel very confortable, it didn't made me feel airtight but breathable. It don't have any combs inside, only a elastic band in the back that you can use to make it feel more secure on your head. I tightened it last night, but I'll tighten it even more tonight. I got so many compliments last night, even when I showed it to some of the girls at my new job, they didn't know it was a wig. I'm not ashamed of my game. I told you it was a wig! I got some nasty looks last night, too! Haha, it took me some time to get used to the hair on my face, but I really like this wig. My bestie said I looked like a black Barbie last night! My only complaint about the wig is that I personally wish i can get a dark black. This is 1b natural color, my hair is black. It's not a big difference, but it's obvious to me. I like 1B,and they explained me the hair was cut from young girl natural hair, so the hair is very healthy and cuticle aligned unprocessed hair, the hair color and texture looks beautiful, so i love it! I will be adding to my collection soon, stay tuned!!


Brand: SalonReadyWig

Here’s the link to their store:

Here's my same wig link:


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