Pre-Bleached Knots Wig -The Most Natural Glueless Wig

Pre-Bleached Knots Wig -The Most Natural Glueless Wig

What is a Pre-Bleached Knots Wig? 

A pre-bleached knots wig refers to a wig that has undergone a bleaching process to make the knots less noticeable and enhance its natural appearance. Typically, HD lace wigs are known for their invisible knots, but the presence of black knots can still compromise their authenticity. To address this, we have introduced an innovative product - the pre-bleached knots wig. This is a sophisticated upgrade to our glueless wigs collection. 

Understanding Wig Knots 

In a lace wig, the cap comprises numerous small holes. As part of the wig-making process, each strand of hair is manually tied to the lace, creating a knot that secures the hair to the lace - this is known as a wig knot. Usually, natural black hair is used in wig production, leading to black wig knots. This is less noticeable in colored wigs, which are bleached and dyed. However, for natural black wigs, these knots can be conspicuous, which has always been a challenge with black wigs. To meet customer needs for more natural wigs and to enhance your wig wearing experience, SalonReadyWig has improved upon this and introduced our pre-bleached knots wig. 

The Art of Bleaching Knots 

After intensive testing and fine-tuning, we have mastered the technique of bleaching knots. The bleaching process requires careful control of various factors such as time, temperature, and the materials used. Despite the time and labor-intensive process, we have invested substantially in this to provide our customers with superior products. Aesthetically, the bleaching process is highly effective, turning the black knots to a brown color that closely matches most skin tones. The resulting bleached knots mimic the look of natural hair follicles, creating a wig that's as close to natural hair as possible.

The Reality of Unbleached Knots 

Unbleached hair roots are black, and the knots can be single or double. If you opt for a double knots wig, the knots are more visible. While this may not be a problem for those with darker skin, it can be quite noticeable for those with lighter skin, making the bleaching process necessary.

Why is Bleaching Knots Necessary?

Bleaching knots is essential for achieving a natural look. Even if you don't purchase a pre-bleached knots wig, you will likely need to bleach it yourself. This is often demonstrated by influencers on platforms such as TikTok or YouTube. However, bleaching at home requires a lot of supplies and is quite labor-intensive. More importantly, it's easy to damage the wig by over or under-bleaching. Choosing a pre-bleached knots wig is a smart choice, especially considering these wigs also feature pre-cut lace and a pre-plucked hairline, making them truly "wear and go" options.

Benefits of Bleaching Knots

Time, money, and effort saved: Pre-bleached knots wigs are time, cost, and labor-efficient. You no longer need to bleach the wig yourself or buy a plethora of bleaching products and tools.

Enhanced natural look: Pre-bleached wigs offer the most natural and authentic appearance, thanks to their skin-matching wig cap and absence of noticeable black knots.

Extended wig life: Pre-bleached knots wigs are designed to last longer. Over-bleaching can cause severe damage to the hair and wig cap, thereby reducing the wig's lifespan. Choosing pre-bleached wigs is, therefore, the most sensible choice.

In Conclusion

Get ahead of the trend by choosing from our selection of pre-bleached wigs at Don't miss the chance to own the most natural, glueless wig available on the market. Make the right choice today!

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