Red Flags To Remember When Buying Wigs Online

fraud! Red flags to remember when buying wigs Online
Online wig shops are becoming more and more popular, but there are also a large number of fraudulent / fake websites. Here are 5 tips on how to identify fake websites

1. Search By Social Media
If you can search for them on social media of all platforms, it does not mean that even if you can find them on social media, the company is trustworthy. Some companies register accounts on all platforms and pretend to be trusted companies. You can check their accounts to see if they are a newly established account with confusing contents.

2. Communication with the seller
Ask some questions. If the seller doesn't take the time to contact you, answer and help you complete the whole process, they seem to be looking for you to place an order. This is a dangerous signal, because you encounter problems, and you come to the seller. This is a very critical discussion. View the response level to view the communication between the seller and the buyer.

3. Reading policy
The expectation of delivery is very important, and give them the shortest time frame. What is their policy and whether they accept returns. When you have a problem, do they have a guarantee?

4. False comments.
Reviews are a very important part of online stores. They rely on reviews very much to prosper their business. Some websites steal pictures. If you see product review pictures that are very fluffy or unrelated to real products, please be careful!

5. Low price, such as buying two and getting three free
Real human hair will not be so cheap, especially like high-quality human virgin hair. If you see a website, 99 dollars = 3 wigs, be careful, this may be a scam website.

We hope you can identify these scam websites and avoid losses. At the same time, SalonReady Wig will always come forward to provide you with high-quality human virgin hair, a 15 day no reason return policy, and a professional customer support team. You can trust SalonReady Wig.




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