What Is A Butterfly Locs Wig? | SalonReady Wig

What Is A Butterfly Locs Wig? | SalonReady Wig

When we talk about protective hairstyles, we always think of all kinds of locks hairstyles. Butterfly locks hairstyle has attracted people's attention and has become popular again recently. The difference from other locks hairstyles lies in their knitting techniques and the hair used in knitting.

In fact, it takes many hours to create a complete and beautiful butterfly locks hairstyle. In order to provide convenience to people and meet your requirements for beauty, there are some butterfly locks wigs available for everyone in today's wig market. Today, we will introduce you to some basic information about butterfly locks wig.

What is a butterfly wig

straight bob wigAs the name implies, this is a butterfly shaped wig. Butterfly LOC is different from the tightly packed artificial LOC popular a few years ago. The uniqueness of butterfly garlands lies in the curly rings inside the garlands, which makes them look like butterfly hair. Compared with the typical straight and neat artificial wig, the butterfly wig will give you a painful and beautiful Bohemian style. It is usually made of wavy hair, one of which is water wave braided hair. There are different kinds of wigs for you, such as bow tie headband wig and bow lace front wig.

Features of butterfly locs wig

In order to understand butterfly locks wigs more comprehensively, we will introduce their basic functions to you.

1. Save much time

If you have ever tried to do a locs hairstyle, you should know how long the knitting process takes no matter what kind of locs hairstyle you have. In fact, if you want to weave bows yourself, you need to spend at least 3-5 hours, or even 7 hours, to make super long bows.
Therefore, if you don't have enough time and think it's too troublesome to get a butterfly locks hairstyle, you can buy one instead of making it yourself, which will save you a lot of time and energy.

2. Easy to wash and condition

As we all know, butterfly locks hairstyle is a protective hairstyle, which means you don't need to wash it often. You know you can't wash every hair. Under normal circumstances, after wearing for a period of time, you only need to pay attention to cleaning the dust and grease on the scalp.
Compared with ordinary wigs, it does not require combing and complex cleaning processes. However, this does not mean that you can completely ignore the maintenance of the hair part. We will discuss it separately in the following content.

3. Natural look

You don't have to worry about the ambivalence of wearing a wig. Ordinary butterfly wigs are made of human hair, so they look very natural. Most of them are natural black and look like butterflies made of their own hair. In addition, there are some butterfly wigs of special colors, which you can decide what length and color to choose.

4. Less versatile

You should know that sealing LOC is a bit complicated and difficult. Therefore, you cannot change the hairstyle and color of butterfly locks wig. You must keep this hairstyle until you give it up.

How To Maintain Butterfly Locs Wigs

Butterfly locks wigs already have a distressing appearance, so they don't need more maintenance than other ordinary wigs. But there are some important things to note, which can keep your wig longer.

1. When cleaning the butterfly locs wig, be careful to avoid excessive wetting of the locs. Because there are many layers of hair in LOC, it takes a long time to dry. The softer you are, the longer your butterfly stroke will last.
2. If you have been using butterfly locks wig for a period of time, remember to use it regularly and use refreshing spray or mousse to maintain its appearance. In order to avoid it becoming chaotic, you should manipulate them less.
3. If you need to wear a butterfly locs wig at night, you'd better wrap your hair with a silk scarf or hat to reduce friction on the locs and prevent entanglement.


If you want to get butterfly locks hairstyle in an easy way, butterfly locks wig is the best choice, because you don't have to spend hours doing it or sitting in the salon. Today, we tell you something about butterfly LOC wigs. We hope it can help you solve your confusion about butterfly LOC wigs. Welcome to discuss your ideas about butterfly wigs in the comments section.

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