Wear & Go Wigs VS Air Wigs

Wear & Go Wigs VS Air Wigs, What's the Difference?

If you're new to the world of wigs, are you wondering how to choose the right wig for you? 2023 new type wigs on the market is wear & go wigs at salonreadwig website (wear and go wigs) and air wigs at unice website. I am sure, many people will confuse wear & go wigs and air wigs, the two type wigs are all glueless wigs, aims at wear to go beginner friendly. To help you know which type more suit you, this blog will introduce the difference between wear & go wigs from salonreadytwig and air wigs from unicehair.

What is Wear & Go wigs?

Wear & Go Wigs, we can understand the meaning from the name direct: clients can wear the wig like installing a hat and easy to go, nothing need to do.

Why Choose Wear & Go Wigs?

1. Pre Cut Lace Hairline: Don't Need To Cut The Lace, The Wig Is Pre Cut customize direct, Pre Plucked With Baby Hair Natural Hairline, the snug hairline fit fitted glueless wigs

2. Beginner Friendly: 3 Seconds To Wear, Quick And Easy To Put On Or Take Off, No Skills Needed. Very simple ways like installing a hat, no extra work to do.

3. True HD Glueless Wig: No Glue, No Gel. Pre Bleach, Medium Size Flexible Cap With A Wide Elastic Band, Adjustable Elastic Band To Fix It Very Well. Secure & Tight

4. 100% Human Hair Undetectable Lace Wig: Soft, Bouncy And Comfortable, Can Be Re-Styled well, 100% human virgin hair can be straighten, curly, dyed, bleached easy with long using life.

5. 3D Dome Cap With No Combs / Clips inside, comfortable,protect the natural hair well. 3D technology can fits all headshape well and scure prefect, no remove worried.

6. Cap is upgrade material. the whole cap is very thin and soft and springy, thin cap can help our own scalp skin breathable well and relax. you can enjoy even on hot summer and confined space.

7. Wide Elastic Band, Secure & Tight on head even no glue no combs

The best thing must be that: it help us keep away the worries from the hairloss & allergy & lazy day & alopecia, you can have more time to enjoy your time and nothing need from now on to wear a wig, just wear it in 3 seconds and go.

SalonReadyWig aims at provide: beginner friendly, what you see is what you will get, so i am sure ship at this website can help you bring excellent experience like you are in salon, no quality worried, no length short worried.

What is Unice Air Wigs?

"Let the scalp get breathing, everyone do the most authentic themselves" -- after more than 10 years of in-depth understanding of the wig industry and in-depth analysis of user problems, Tianshi launched the latest air wig series products. Advocating healthier, more natural methods of wig installation, allowing the scalp to breathe freely, wigs help native hair grow. More breathable, concise and stronger, became the core theme of the Unice Air wig collection.

Why Choose Unice Air Wigs?



1. Breathable 

Without overrule or innovation, air wig is a change from the traditional wig cap with overall lace or mechanism cap as the characteristics of the hair cap, hollow hair cap, strip elastic mesh hair cap to ensure the overall comfort while greatly liberating the scalp, so that the scalp and hair get free breathing. On top of this, the skeleton hair cap adds flexibility. The mesh cap makes it relatively easy to adjust and adapt to different positions in the tie, which greatly increases the wig-wearer's flexibility and allows easy contact with fingers to adjust.

unice air wig biggest highlight is that they use the synthetic cheap wig cap to produce the human hair wig, it is a new try on human hair market! it also can save the production cost for the wig, i am sure this is a new idea and will bring a revolution on human hair wig market!

2. Reachable

Unice air wig also use Wear & Go Pre - Cut Lace type, to achieve the customize wig, it can help users save the cutting lace time and install the wig with quick speed. this the super great and friendly to new beginners, later i will compare which is better between salonreadywig and unice wig.

3. Adjustable

Unice air wig also add the wide elastic band to tight the wig more secure on head.

What's The Difference Between SalonReadyWig Wear & Go Wigs With Unice Air Wigs?

Let's check their difference accoring to following Youtube Videos For the wigs reviews!

Wear & Go Wigs Review Youtube Link: >>>

Air Wigs Review Youtube Link:>>>

1. Wig Front Look Compare

Hairline Difference

From the pic, you can see salonreadywig deep pre plucked the hairline,snug hairline fit fitted glueless wigs, their wear & go wig looks natural and melted, Unice air wig's hairline is a little thick, which can let clients customize their own hairline by themselves.

If you are new beginner, the pre plucked natural hairline salonreadywig will be very suits you, If you are very good at pre plucked, unice wig also can your one of your good choice.

① Wear & Go Wigs Hairline Look :

above pics were download from salonreadywig.com 

② Air Wigs Hairline Look :

above pics were download from unice.com


Hair Knots Difference

We can easily found that wear & go wigs knots are smaller than air wigs, if you are not good at bleach, highly recommend to choose the wear & go wigs at salonreadywig website, if you are professional on bleaching, you can bleached the knots on air wigs to make it looks more natural.

Hairparting Space Difference

On wig market, we all love the wide lace space to help us can do more parting look, that's the reason why 13x4 lace front wigs selling more popular than 4x4 lace wigs, but due to the impact of the epidemic, huge people has low budget for a wig, SalonReadyWig upgrade their 4x4 lace to 6x4 more wider lace space, it is more flexible more natural like 13x4 but cheaper than 13x4, which can help you save huge money but get a large space look like 13x4. i just checked unice wig, the lace seems keep the traditional 4x4 space, consider the lace, i prefer salonreadywig's wear & go wigs. 
By the way, i found that SalonReadyWig website post 13x4 lace wear & go wigs already, so if your budget is enough, highly recommend you can take a look.


(Pictures Download From SalonReadyWig Website)

Click The 13x4 Wear & Go Wigs Link >>>

Click the 6x4 Wear & Go Wigs Link >>>

Lace Cut Difference

Unice cut the lace with a straight line, which may need adjust when received, For Wear & Go Lace, they cut the lace according to hairline shape, so buyers no need adjust when they received. No thing needed to do just install direct.
So if you are a new beginner, i think wear & go will be more friendly to you.


2. Wig Inside Compare

(Pictures Come From salonreadywig & unicehair Website)

Wig Cap Difference

All aims at providing the breathable & comfortable thin cap to help clients relax, the difference is that Unice air wig cap using the low cost synthetic wig cap, it is very smart way. Wear & Go Wig Cap using the high price lace net to achieve the thin cap.
Synthetic cap biggest problem is that the cap is not comfortable on scalp, and the hair will escape and tangle under the net, it is hard to caring and comb.
Wear & Go wigs cap looks more luxury and reliable, air wigs caps looks a littler cheap and it made me thought i using a semi-finished product. 
But if air wig price cheaper, i think we can consider order this wig,
So let's check it's price between SalonReadyWig & Unice Hair
After Compared, we can find that wear & go wig price is more cheaper but with high quality human hair. 
Here is the price with same length same texture, same density:

SalonReadyWig 14 inch Straight Wear & Go Wig Price is $117

Unice Hair 14 inch Straight Air Wig Price is $129

$117 VS $129

Which one do you prefer?

6x4 hd glueless lace wear & go wigs or 4x4 glueless lace air wigs

Install Feeling Difference

Consider the hair-loss and alopecia, Wear & Go abandon the traditional clips and combs inside, use the new production technology to produce the 3D dome cap,  no matter what shape your head is, it can fits perfectly!the the cap without combs and clips can protect own scalp, no hairloss worries but the wig can secure on head and tight well. 
Air wig using the traditional cap production technolody, the wig need use the clips and combs to prevent falling off. The synthetic cap made the hair weft bare on the surface will hurt our scalp and not very comfortable
So if you are having the hair-loss, alopecia worries, or you worries about it, wear & go wigs will be a better choice for you!


Wig Lace Space Difference

For Lace Closure Wig. Wear & Go lace closure wig is 4x6 larger spacing lace, Unice using the traditional normal 4x4 lace, they all can do side part, 3/7 part, middle part and any part you like, just wear & go wigs will looks more natural than air wigs. so you can choose wear & go wigs / Unice wigs according to you like.


For Lace Frontal Wig. Wear & Go lace frontal wig is more wider & larger space than air wig's, and i found that SalonReadyWig has the sideburns hair which looks more real and natural, it seems SalonReadyWig pay more attention to details help our wigs can looks prefect even the sideburns hairline. i love their professional and rigorous.


Both Wear & Go Wigs and Unice Air Wigs all are the good choice for wear to go, you can choose according to your like.

Sincerely Welcome to try Wear & Go Wigs!!!

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