Wigs and Alopecia - Everything You Need to Know

Wigs and Alopecia - Everything You Need to Know

According to statistics, 25% of women suffer from hair loss problem, which means that 4 out of 10 women have hair loss problem. Hair loss is a natural life process that occurs with age and can be classified as mild, severe, temporary or permanent. It is normal for 3 to 4 hairs to fall out if stroked lightly. But if you lose more than 10 strands, you should pay attention, there is a risk of hair loss. Let's discuss all things hair loss and wigs!

What causes hair loss?

There are many factors that can cause hair loss, including stress, medications, insomnia, unhealthy lifestyle, etc.

How wigs are the perfect solution?

Wigs are the best solution for many beauty conscious women because they are flexible and chemical free. Pixie bob, straight hair, waves and braids, and colorful braids are popular, allowing you to change the look you want. Wigs also help women's mental health, as they can help restore confidence and ease any time for those with long hair.

What type of wigs will be more effective?

Let's start with the hair style. The texture of human hair is more visible than synthetic hair, giving the impression that it is your own hair. We recommend choosing the right human hair for the best look.

Now, there are two main types of wigs for alopecia sufferers: full lace handmade wigs and 13x4 glueless lace wigs. The full lace is breathable and light, and all the hair is hand-tied, making it look natural and practical. However, they are priced higher than other wigs. 13×4 glueless lace front wigs are an affordable option since they are cheaper than full wigs. The 13×4 lace frontal comes with a lace area of 13×4 and does not require any glue to install since the special elastic band works, it is smooth and easy to install.

High quality is essential for wigs! 100% human hair is preferred by wig wearers for a perfect look. Wigs with bleached knots and transitional hairline also help to create a confident look. When planning to buy a wig, quality should always be considered.

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